G74 BSOD 101 and 124 Help me!!


Oct 30, 2011
Guys I have a G74 Asus Laptop, I keep getting BSOD 101 and 124 codes with "cpu cycle interrupt errors" and "Uncorrectable hardware error" I ran memtest it passed on both ram sticks (tested separately) Swiped hard drives...at first I was getting "Read disk error" I removed the other hdd thinking that was fault but it didn't work. I checked the temps it idles at 40c it jumps to 50c (on first two cores) then comes back down.

On HWinfo I notices the wattage spikes sometimes (Noticed that the gpu was missing from the list)

Safe mode has random crashes and bsod I cant get into that at times. Any boot disk or live cd's I can use to test gpu and see if that is problem I'm leaning towards either cpu/gpu thermal issue or a dying board....any help is appreciated thank you! :love:


Dec 12, 2012
I'm having the same issue with an HP Pavilion Phoenix SE desktop. Removed all unnecessary components and memory. Swapped HDD. First it was Stop 101. Now it is Stop 124. This happens immediately after trying to start Windows normally, and after a few minutes of starting Windows in safe mode. Live CD's (or USB's) work fine thus far. No shutdowns. Memory and HDD passes all stress tests. I have, however, noticed a couple of bulging capacitors on the mobo. One or more of these may have failed or are failing. At this point, I am leaning towards the motherboard being the culprit, but find it strange that live CD's work without shutdown. XmortisX, check your motherboard for bulging caps if you haven't already solved your issue.