galaxy 3 wont charge

May 15, 2015
My Samsung galaxy 3 wont charge.
when plugged in the screen stays black. no charging icon will show up.
I have tested the usb cable on another device and it works fine. I have also plugged it into a computer and wall outlet, again nothing.
when the battery is removed and reinserted the phone will vibrate, and the Samsung logo will flash on for less then a second. Then nothing...
Its very important I have a working phone, I have stage 4 cancer and must stay in contact with my doctors. not only that, im in the process of of applying for disability and need that working phone.
I have no money for a new phone, let alone a new battery or a repair job!
Please help!!!


Aug 10, 2015

Where can I find a battery especially that cheap and where do I take it to get it put in ?