Solved! Galaxy A11: Cannot find setting to auto save videos/images to SD card:


Feb 1, 2016
I read the ones you have answered but none of them helped me.
ES GLOBAL no longer has an app, it was removed for some click ad thing.
i did install EZ File Manager and there is no setting to automatically save to SD card, that i could locate.

I read a thread about Rooting? I am afraid to do that. I tried to update another computer to Windows 10, that ended costing several hundreds of dollars
and i am just too afraid to try. (i mean, how hard can that be??? well apparently it was not easy enough! (makes me chuckle now).

Sometimes it's as though i still have an apple and it just does what it wants...

This galaxy a11 was free. it's about 1 year old since i received it.

any advice/help is greatly appreciated. ;)