Question galaxy s4 vibrates ,not charging and won't turn on completely

Oct 31, 2021
0 Samsung galaxy s4 behaves weird after i accidentally dropped it into hot vibrates on charging and when i turned it on ,it wakes til samsung logo then it shut itself off immediately.despite this sometimes as a chance (once in 10 trials ) it fully pls help,any suggestion is appreciated🙏


Is there any chance it could be to repaired again?
You can repair most things, but is it worth spending the money to have someone basically replace all the parts in the phone instead of just buying a working one. An S4 is an old one, not worth repairing at all, you can find working newer used or new phones for less than the repair and parts cost.


Oct 10, 2016
I have used two different approaches to this problem in electronics. One is to set up a hairdryer at a distance from the phone (opened if possible) and let it gently heat up the components for an hour or so. The idea here is not to be so close to the phone that you're cooking it. The air striking the device should be warm not hot. You just want to encourage the water to evaporate. This is what I do and have done on a variety of electronics and also optics (I do a lot of amateur astronomy with expensive telescopes, dew and humidity are a problem).

There are variations. Put the phone into a jar of white rice. Don't bury it in the rice. Lay it atop the rice and close the lid, trusting the inherent absorbency of the rice to help dry it out. This was derived from the old trick of putting rice grains into salt jars to keep the salt from clumping up during humid weather. I use the rice technique on salt.

Another variation is to buy some desiccant packages and entomb the phone in those packets. You can do this because the silicon is held in the packets and you won't be getting dust in the phone. I would again do this in an enclosed container because if you're using desiccant packages out in the open air they are going to suck moisture from the air. You're trying to create a super arid environment so use a jar or other container.

Incidentally if you can get the phone to turn on to normal operating mode another thing to do is leave it on (screen, everything) because the heat from the system will help dry out the interior. Plug it in make sure it doesn't screen save or turn off and let it go for a couple of days. I learned this trick from my treadmill which is just outside the door to the bathroom where I shower. I bought an expensive treadmill and it failed. I had it serviced and it failed again. I and then it failed again and serviced again. By this time I was taking a hard look at things and realized that even with the exhaust fan on there was humidity coming out of the bathroom during a shower (I don't close the door because the small bathroom super-saturates). So I turned the repaired treadmill on and left it on. That was ten years ago. Still going strong.

Let us know how it works out.
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