Galaxy S8 Plus Specs Leaked: This Is Big

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Feb 23, 2017
Does anyone really believe these things are "leaked". They are manufactured for the public to create a sense of anticipation. It's just a cellphone. I have a Galaxy S4 that works great; does everything the modern world needs it to do. Unless these things are $100 and basically a throwaway after a year, no way. If you wanna make a great cellphone, do these things: AMOLED screen, 128gb ram, 128gb rom, stereo speakers, DLSR-like camera, voice command mode (it will do whatever you ask of it), 7-day battery (recharge time < 1hr), and cordless recharging. This also means everything that the current crop of zombie phones is already doing. Now, put those things in a cellphone for less than $300, and we'll talk. Otherwise, no.

Mark Spoonauer

Jan 21, 2014
You raise a good point. Part of the reason that smartphone growth has slowed is that people are holding onto their phones longer. And you can also get a good phone now for under $300 unlocked. (See our review of the ZTE V8 Blade Pro.)

But for those who have been waiting and are waiting to upgrade the S8 looks like it could be exciting. Exciting enough to splurge? We'll have to see...

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