Info Galaxy Tab A (SM-T290) WIFI "couldn't authenticate connection"

Oct 7, 2019
Upon initial set up my Galaxy Tab A (SM-T290) would not connect to my home network router WIFI. It displayed "couldn't authenticate connection". I spent many hours reconfiguring my router and tablet WIFI settings; nothing worked. Then, using my cellphone mobile data, the tablet did connect to the internet. With this connection, I was able to do a software update to the Samsung Security patch level: June 1, 2019. After this update and resart, the tablet would connect to my home network router. If you see this error: "couldn't authenticate connection"
1. Connect to the internet via some other available WIFI network.
2.In Settings, Search for "software Updates"
3. Software update displays
4 disable Auto download over Wi-Fi
  1. Click "Download and install"
  2. Tablet checks for updates
  3. Update to the security patch level: June 1, 2019
  4. After update, install and reboot the network router will connect (hopefully).
I think they may have misread what you put as a question rather than a fix. This is due to your putting it under a "Question" category rather than an "Info" one. :) I suggested to the mods that it be moved to "Info" and it seems they did move it.

You may want to (if it will let you, I have never tried) to update the title to say it is a "FIX" for said problem.