News Galaxy Z Fold 6 could be Samsung's thinnest and lightest folding phone yet — what we know

Mar 8, 2023
I am always welcoming of thinner and lighter, and although I am very used to the narrow outer display. (it actually makes typing easier with one hand) I do like the wider outer display design. I am disappointed by no S Pen slot but will seriously consider switching back to the S Ultra series if the cameras stay the same. Right now I use the Z fold 5 for my daily phone and a S23 Ultra for travel because of the camera. I'm tired of having 2 premium phones; if Samsung can't put a better camera on a $2000 phone, then what's the point? The Pixel Fold is better, the One Plus Open is better, basically, it is the worst camera on a foldable right now. I'm used to Samsung's top of the line products being the best of the best, but that is now not the case in foldable; in 1 year, they went from the only game in town to the thickest, worst camera, and heavier than most. Its also now the most expensive. Thinner, lighter, wider is great, but for $2000 (more because I have 1TB) if it doesn't have a better camera I may go to the Pixel Fold 2 based on the rumors, or the One Plus Open.