Gaming Headphone Suggestions


May 20, 2012
Hi, I'm fairly new to these forums, I have just been looking around at various reviews and such. But anyways the reason why I am posting this is to see which headphones would be the best for my needs. What I am mainly looking for is a pair of headphones that will allow me to play fps games with the full effect. This includes hearing enemies walking, and just all the great subtle sounds games offer that can't be taken advantage of without a headset / quality headphones. Also, I would like to have a good directional sound. Sorry if anything is unclear, I'm pretty new to audio. I had some px21's for my ps3 and they were amazing, but they are 80$ and broke fairly easily. Anyways, here are the current headphones I have been looking at, and I plan to use this mic on the side ( )

Which would give me the best gaming experience? I don't really mind comfort, I just want sound quality for in game experiences. Thanks for your time :)


As long as you don't drop it a lot and/or strain the cable (wearing it and you move around pulling the weak area like the connection to the cups and the jack), it should last t least a year which is fair usage for cheap headphone like that.

I use them for casual/outdoor (because it is so cheap) for almost 2 years and I didn't look after it or abuse it. The left ear cup cable become lose. Nothing special there. The simple construction allow me to open it and replace the cable. Even made it single side entry. Works fine afterward. Although I ordered another pair just in case.

Will require a bit of stretching of the bands and the ear cup is a good fit for me, but if you have elephant ears, then you may find them too small.
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