Gaming Laptop $1200 Range


Jul 31, 2016
So I'm about to start my last year of highschool and I've already been accepted to Univeristy of Washington, so I need something a bit more mobile. I have a gaming PC right now that I'm gonna sell next week, if anyone interested before I put it on eBay.

Back to the Laptop. I mostly just stare at my desktop nowadays and if I am to play a game: I play WoW, CS:GO, Indie Games, or Arma 3. So I just want something that I can take around with me and is fast enough to run those games with the exception, of course, being Arma. I don't plan on doing much gaming, as I will be concentrating on other things, but I want it to have the ability to do so. Also preferably if it could run Skyrim Remastered edition would be a huge plus as well. I have done some of my own research but I always end up contemplating myself, I just want some new advice.