Gaming Laptop Advice / Question


Jun 6, 2013
I'm looking at getting a gaming laptop, but I've always played on a desktop or console. I have a few questions, and I would like some advice. This will be a strictly gaming laptop. I want at least a 17" screen, and something very solid/high end to maybe a little order. I mean, I don't need like super top of the line, but I want something better than average.

What are some top gaming laptops brands at the moment? I'm looking at around $1500 or so, but really the only name I know in gaming laptops are alienware and razer. They do look really cool, but I know a lot of the time you are just paying extra for the name.

Do laptops do ok when hooked up to a monitor? I mean, if I wanted to actually sit down and just play in a desktop type setting . . . do laptops have any issues?

Do you run into any issues over heating with a laptop compared to a desktop when playing for a while? Also, does a laptop usually last a while as far as having failure/problems? I've never had any issues with a desktop.

Thanks in advance!


May 25, 2016
Asus and MSI are also making decent gaming laptops.
Though for the price of mediocre laptop, you can buy a high end desktop.
Any gaming laptop will heat up. Mostly you can not hold them on laps :)


Mar 2, 2016
if you're playing games using lots of computing power, the heat up issue would effect the performance. it's because some laptops would reduce the computing level to generate the less heat if their thermal system is not sufficient enough. better go for the official websites to check out the thermal design. for example, Alienware mentions about the copper pipeline across the CPU and GPU, and MSI addresses about the individual thermal triggering system on CPU and GPU. other major brands should also have similar introduction.