Gaming Laptop around 1200-1300 dollars


Jan 22, 2013
I am looking to get a gaming laptop for college to do gaming, and photoshop. I want to be able to play "dayz", arma 2 mod. I want to be able to play Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, Company of Heroes 2, and other titles coming out this year. Now i dont expect to run Arma 2, and newer titles coming out this year jack up all the way, but i do expect to be able to play Guild wars maxed, as well as skyrim, Company of heroes 2, ect. now im good with paying 1200 dollars, i can prolly push it to 1300, maaayybe 1400 but thats it. i dont care about ssd, i like a more subdued, simple design, but if somethings better, ill take it. im getting a cooling pad, but i would like good cooling, if i cant get double cooler with 2 fans, i would crap myself. I am looking at msi gx60 since it has 7970m, but the cpu bottlenecks it so bad, and photoshop will eat that cpu for breakfeast. thank you, you can reply at "" if you want to help, ty


Jan 15, 2012
A laptop with a i7 quad, 660m or better (recommend 670mx or 675mx or 7970m). 1080p screen (cause if your going to be playing games the screen better be nice). If you are in the us and don't mind ugly, sager or clevo is good,

These are over budget but might be cheaper elsewhere (or wait for them to go on sale).

gw2 and skyrim maxed might be tough and you will need better than a 660m.