Gaming laptop Battery Health


May 26, 2014
Hello, 2 weeks ago i have bought myself a gaming laptop (Predator 15 G9-593 -GTX1070) , since it is a gaming laptop, i have keept it pugged in most of the time i used it, even tho the battery was fully charged, i used HWMonitor to check the temperatures , and down on the list it said Battery wear 5% , it did wear 5% in 2 weeks? , cause it was pluged in or?
is it safe for the battery to be pluged in on gaming use? , when i am in need of word or working texts or web i change to battery (even tho i think is not save like this either cause i ll do faster the cycles of battery charge)
What should i do to improve battery health?? , on Acer Care Center battery health is good , which is pretty normal taking in acount that it is a new laptop.
Is it safe to have it plugged in on gaming use or i shall play on battery when fully charged? (less than 40-50mins of use on battery)
Some ways of improving health of battery ?
btw the Battery is inside the laptop i cant unmount it..


Aug 1, 2017
gaming laptop is a bad idea IMHO battery wears faster with heat and gaming keeps heat piling up.
if you play, keep power plugged, charging and discharging is what wears your battery.
also don't worry about fist 5% as it might be within battery specification.
You can play on integrated GPU, this should ~double battery life but will cripple graphics significantly. Another ~15% is screen brightness.


Sep 8, 2015
batteries have a finite amount of charge cycles. batteries will drain just sitting there, and the laptop tops the battery off and counts it as a charge cycle. rinse repeat and it comes to 5% wear. HWmonitor is only counting charge/partial charge cycles and is estimating 5%.
I normally suggest battery removal during long stationary periods.


Jun 27, 2017
lithium battery care

lithium batteries love to keep charge ... always keep them between 30-80% for maximum life expectency. never fully drain a litium battery as it may cause damage (biggest reason for phone battery death).
laptops are smart enough to let the battery drain around 5% before they charge to 100% (some really good laptops will only charge to 99% which is better for lithium batteries).
charge cycles are similar to tbw cycles on ssds ... they are the given amount that a battery is rated (garanteed) to charge. good care prolongs and/or extends this count. full drains will shorten this count.

as R_1 suggests, the best possible scenario would be to remove your fully charged battery and leave it on the side for around 2 months (about the time it takes to lose 30% charge) and then plug it back in to recharge. this would make your battery last longer than you (1000 charge cycle x 2 month period = 2000 months = 166 years).
1000 charge cycle is about the average given standard (once a day, 3 year life) - if they made batteries that could charge more times (and they can but wont) the manufacturers wouldnt sell as many batteries.

do note: gaming laptops tend to draw a lot of power, and can drain batteries quickly which is bad for battery life. this is why you can buy secondary batteries (spares). money makes the world go round i am afraid.
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