Gaming laptop for 3 specific games


I am looking for a gaming laptop that can play these 3 games at the highest settings possible at 1080p:

1. Witcher 3
2. Tera
3. Fallout 4

Now I know that most people will say to get a desktop but I prefer laptops for some reason, don't know why, probably because I have never used a desktop and don't know enough if something breaks. Plus I am not looking to play any other games so I don't really need one as I am sure that a laptop can do this.

Second there is no price restriction but I am living in the UK.

Third to make this difficult, I am very specific to what the laptop has to have. I will list them below:

1. 1080p ips screen, don't mind if it is tn but has to have very good wide viewing angles, accurate colours, anti glare/matte, bright enough to combat direct sunlight.

2. Must have accessible internal, I must be able to get to all components so that if there is dust or any of the parts are faulty, I must be able to access it with a maintenance hatch or using a star shaped screwdriver. I am not an expert on this which is why I ask this. My current laptop I can't do anything to it as I have to remove the whole keyboard to access the internals.

3. Must have a removable battery. This is normally the first thing that get damaged in a laptop and I want to be able to replace it.

4. Must be quite enough so that I don't here the fans through my headphones.

5. Must have win 7, can't stand how unpredictable win 10 is and don't get me started with 8/8.1

6. Must be able to last at least 5 years without any performance degradation. I really don't mind if this laptop is a drt as long as it is very reliable and made to game well for the games I have listed.

7. Must have a good trackpad as I will be doing other things on it like web surfing. Also related to 4, it must be silent or near silent when I do these normal things. Can't stand fans that start randomly.

I don't mind how long the battery life is or what brand it is, the only thing I care is that it has to be able to play the 3 games and has to be reliable.


Feb 5, 2015
I really don't see why you don't get a desktop. You state you want easy accessibility to the laptops hardware, which is very hard to do, especially in gaming laptops. Desktops are very easy to troubleshoot and work in (If you can build something with legos, you can build a pc, its that easy.) A laptop with your requirements is going to cost double of an equivalent desktop with very little to no options for upgrades in the future.

Kenneth Barker

Aug 17, 2015
A laptop in you category is going to be a monster. I would look at high end gaming boutique laptops. Asus, Orgin, Falcon Northwest, AlienWare, MainGear, all make large "Desktop replacement" Laptops. Your absolute BEST bet for this, is AlienWare. They offer a device that allows you to use a Desktop GPU in a stand alone attachment giving you desktop graphics performance with the option of upgrading down the road. You can still keep it mobile, but have the desktop performance when you are at home.

Biggest issue with your requirements is you are looking for a gaming laptop with a very high end CPU and possibly a 980M GPU. You might be able to squeeze away with the 970M, maybe. Those GPUs and all laptops with large powerful dedicated GPUs with generate a lot of heat. More heat = more fan noise even at light use. The life will be pretty bad as well. Laptops, generally are not a solid primary gaming machine for highly graphically intensive games such as the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. It can be done, but you make many sacrifices. Including paying upwards of $3000 for the laptop to do it, that has performance similar to that of a 800-1000 desktop.
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