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Oct 31, 2015

So – I've been out of the computer/laptop business for a while – not very familiar with what's out there and what is coming out. I NEED help! Five years ago I bought a Sager NP8690 (by Clevo) 5 years ago… it was meant to be a gaming laptop at that time…. Now it's obsolete and honestly I've been having problems with it since day 1. Basically – it's gone up to a point where it freezes if I play League of Legends (which isn't high demand).

Now – I'm looking for another gaming laptop. I prefer NOT to spend more than $2000 (as a matter fact, the lower the better). I paid 2.5K for my Sager.. I'm hoping that prices of laptops went down since then and I would hope my laptop would last a tiny bit longer than my Sager.

My goals are:
- Able to play Guild Wars 2
- Able to play Final Fantasy XIII
- Able to play Skyforge
- Others – just surfing net, league of legends – other etc stuff.

I know black Friday is around the corner (and I can wait that long IF there are decent sales). Problem is – I suspect specialty sites/items normally don't go on sale (my experience with BF is just generic stuff go on sale).

That being said – any suggestions on what laptop fits the bill? Any websites to buy from??? I know a lot of gaming computer/notebook sites allow you to customize (and I am completely okay with that).

Any help/advice/reality checks are appreciated!



Nov 12, 2014
A good website to check is

they do a lot of dicsounts daily and weekly promotions.

If you want a good gaming laptop, check the offer MSI has.
If you truly want some long lasting gaming machine... 2K gets you a very nice desktop which will last longer and be upgradable etc etc..

I always had a laptop myself (alienware etc) but in long gaming sessions, it still overheated resulting in lagg and other small annoying things.



Nov 24, 2010
Just about anything will be able to run email/web surfing but what you want to keep in mind is make sure it has current hardware. ASUS ROG laptops are great fast laptops ad you wont regret buying one. The alienwares are okay, but I feel the price is just too much for basically a rebranded Dell. Another to check out is Gigabyte or even the MSi Ge/GS/GT models.
I am currently looking for a powerful laptop to run COD: BO3, FallOut 4 and the new need for speed. Any of these laptops should run them on high/ultra settings.


May 5, 2015
Personally, I would go with a Gigabyte P35X, had I not bought my Aorus X5, I would have got one of them because they're pretty darn nifty, not too flashy and not TOO expensive.
Other than that, I would recommend another Sager laptop, possibly from XoticPC.

Bare in mind that for $2000 you can get a laptop with the latest nVidia GFX card, and all that jazz.

A little advice CPU wise, 4th, 5th, and 6th Gen intel CPUs are not all that different (I'm sure people will slate me for saying that), there are of course some minor performance improvements over the generations, however, most of the changes are to do with heat/power/size etc. For example, I would personally choose a 4820k over a 6500.

Any more questions just let me know. I enjoy researching laptops more than I enjoy playing on them :p
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