Gaming Laptop suddenly becomes slow

David Codilla

Aug 20, 2013
So I have a gaming laptop more specifically a G75JW ROG series from ASUS which I bought way back in 2014 and as of now like a few days ago I specifically play Dota and CSGO. I was playing on those games and I suddenly noticed I was FPS lagging which has never happened before and I run the games on High Setting for years now. I have a big problem with my laptop which is the battery is dead so I just keep it plugged in so I wanted to ask you guys if having a dead battery lead to the slowing down of the laptop.

My battery has been dead for couple months now but it never really slowed down at first but then it just happened now.
It can lead to that. You could try pulling the battery and see if it resolves the problem. I wouldn't run it for to long without one in it, but you should be able to do it for a while.


Sep 17, 2014
You should always power your laptop when gaming. The battery's arent giving enough power to fully power the CPU + GPU. Make sure that everything is plugged in, when the FPS is still low, run CPU-Z + GPU-Z. See wether you get drops at one of those.