Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop


Sep 27, 2012
Hello everyone, recently my computer has been giving out so I have been looking for a new computer to buy. However this time I want something good, something that can run games on ultra/high settings without lagging. Normally I buy a 400-500 dollar pre assembled desktop every few years or so but Im getting tired of having to replace my whole computer every few years.

I have wanted a laptop for a long time, I can watch movies in my bed, bring it over to my friends and take it with me for music when we go camping. But I have been looking at some gaming laptops under $1000 and some are very nice however I am able to find gaming desktops with better specs for $200-$300 dollars cheaper. I know that gaming desktops will always have better specs for a cheaper price because most of what you pay for in a laptop is the portability.

Is it worth it to spend the extra money for a laptop? I dont really play anything too graphics heavy. My main games that I play are Counter Strike GO, Mount and Blade Warband and Left 4 Dead 2 but I still want something that will be able to play modern games on high settings. Also with a laptop I will be able to get rid of this massive behemoth of a desk that takes up way too much space. I already have nice keyboard and mouse and a 24 inch 3D monitor so screen size isnt really an issue as I will most likely be using my big monitor unless I watch movies or take it out of the house. More then likely I will be getting a laptop but I am not sure on which one to choose. If anyone could suggest a good gaming laptop for under $1000 I would very much appreciate it :p

Some of the laptops I have been looking at : (would upgrade to 8 gig RAM)



Jul 5, 2012
All things being equal, desktops will always be the superior gaming platform to laptops.

Consider building yourself a nice gaming desktop, then get a tablet or something for watching videos in bed or all the portable things you were looking to do. You could even get a cheap netbook for the non-gaming tasks.


Jan 28, 2012

im sorry, but the battery is not the only things that makes a laptop different from a desktop.



My media center is in that case :)

With some mods, it can even take 2 3.5 inch hard drives without messing with the airflow or anything.

Only downside was the psu fan noise(mine has the 300 watt unit now with a quieter fan).

Run a i5 750 + 5770 just fine :)

I even used it for some gaming and took it with me for a trip because it was soo small and powerful for the time it was built.

Best of all, it only takes about 180 watt from the wall with Prime95 + Just Cause 2 running. Thats damn good when my i7 920 was idling at 150 watts and this thing was loading on games alone about 140-150.