Review Garmin Fenix 7 review

Sep 30, 2022
I loved my Fenix 7s... while it worked. It no longer does. Since it broke after 4 months of light/normal use, now putting this review everywhere that I can post it to warn others.

Only started wearing my Fenix 7S at the beginning of May, 2022. Five days ago, September 25th, 2022, it powered off with a battery saying it was 50% charged. It now will power on, but within 10 seconds, promptly power back off. I spoke with the "customer support" representative in the online chat, and did everything they said, plus things I had read on the internet. I have tried the following:

- Charging it for 24 hours, both connected to a computer and connected to a normal charger

- Connected it to a charger, held the power button for 60 seconds, release, 10 seconds, release, 60 seconds, release, then disconnect from power and restart

- Variations of the above, connected to a charger, not connected to a charger

It won't stay on. Now, mind you, I am not a rock climber, dirt bike rider, construction worker. I have in no way abused my watch. In fact, I don't think there is a single scratch on it. I never let the battery drop below 20%. It just powered off and now doesn't work.

Here's the thing. I bought it in the US. I live in Colombia. I was told by the "customer support" representative to bring it to an official Garmin store here in Colombia, and they would be able to repair or replace it because it is under warranty. I did this. They also tried to boot it, and couldn't get it to stay on. They then said that I needed to have Garmin International authorize them to repair or replace it, since it was purchased in the US. I then contacted Garmin International AGAIN. Know that they said?

"If they repair or replace it there, they will do so at their own expense." "You can send it back to the US for $40, plus the cost of return shipping and import fees, and Garmin USA will fix it." (all paraphrased, full conversation below)

So, if I want to get my Garmin watch fixed, I have to spend $150 - $200 in shipping costs to have it sent back and forth from Colombia to the US, rather than Garmin simply paying Garmin Colombia the exact same thing as they would pay Garmin USA (in fact, probably less, since labor and materials here are far less expensive). It is somehow my responsibility to pay shipping to fix my Garmin watch which is defective/broken through no fault of my own. So, my $1,000 watch would then cost me $1,200, roughly. Or, I would have to fly back to the US to have them do it there... even though there are Garmin stores here.

Oh, and here is the full chat:

Session started between Laurie and Michael

Michael:The watch powers on, but then powers back off within 10 seconds. I already tried leaving it on a charger for 24 hours (both computer and USB port of a charger), holding the power button for 60 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds (while charging), and a variety of other things. I live in Colombia and bought it in the US. I need for Garmin in Colombia to be authorized to fix/replace it.

Michael:So, I just got disconnected from the previous agent

Laurie:Hello Michael. I am sorry to hear you were disconnected. We cannot authorize them to replace it. If they are declining to do so, we would need to look at replacement options for the US. How long have you owned the device? And what is the serial number?


Michael:It was delivered late January. Was not in the states until May

Michael:have worn it slightly over 4 months

Laurie:So it will fall within the warranty. For replacing this through the US, there will be international shipping of $40, subject to tax. This will not cover the inbound shipping, or the additional duties and fees charged locally. The alternative, if you have a US address you can receive mail to, this can be sent there.

Michael:So... I am going to have to pay Garmin more money for selling me a $1,000 watch that broke within 4 months of light/normal use

Laurie:THe watch itself is covered within the warranty. The only costs associated are the shipping costs, yes.

Michael:as opposed to Garmin simply working with their existing distributers and enabling me to take care of the problem for free, where I live

Michael:yes, so, $40 to send

Michael:then, because it is worth $1,000, it will probably be $100 - $150 to send back here

Laurie:We do not block our distributors from replacing devices. They choose whether on not to support this.

Michael:so, it will cost me $150 - $200 to have my watch fixed/replaced

Michael:and weeks before I ever see it again

Michael:can I get Garmin USA to send me some sort of official email saying they authorize Garmin Colombia/South America to repair/replace the watch?

Laurie:I am sorry for the inconvenience, but potentially yes.

Michael:because I was told that I needed to go to a Garmin store here, which I did

Michael:and they said they can't do it unless it is authorized by Garmin International

Laurie:Sure, I can do that.

Laurie:I can send them an email saying if they would like to replace the watch for you in store, they are authorized to replace this for you. Unfortunately this would be at the stores expense, so I dont know that they will agree. But I can certainly send that.

Michael:So, let me get this right

Michael:Garmin USA will not reimburse Garmin Colombia for replacing my broken Garmin watch?


Michael:100%, I am going to go on every single review site there is where there can be user reviews and make sure that people know I bought a $1,000 watch which broke within 4 months of light/normal use, and Garmin's "solution" was for me to spend $150 - $200 to have it repaired/replaced, rather than simply working with their own distributers to fix the GARMIN WATCH, at a GARMIN store

Michael:Every single review site I can find. As well as all of my social media. I am not spending $150 - $200 to fix my watch that I did not break that cost $1,000

Michael:That is ludicrous

Laurie:I understand the frustration, and I do hope you are able to find a solution you are happy with. If you choose to move forward with the replacement through the US, please let us know, so we can get the order placed.

Michael:If Garmin wants to pay for my shipping, sure

Michael:Is Garmin going to pay for me to send it to another country I don't live in because they refuse to take care of it in the one I do live in?

Laurie:I cannot cover your local shipping, duties and fees. As there is no way or process for me to do this.

Michael:Ok, thank you. Again, now going to find every place I can where customer reviews can be left, as well as the forums. Make sure I relate that I spent $1,000 for a watch that broke in 4 months

Michael:and that Garmin refuses to fix for free, even though it is under warranty

Michael:because $150 - $200 isn't free

Michael:that would make it a $1,150 - $1,200 watch

Michael:eek:r, if I had to fly back, a $1,600 - $2,000 watch

Laurie:I do understand the frustration.

Michael:I don't think you do

Laurie:Unfortunately I do not have another solution to offer.

Michael:take $1,000 out of your bank account and throw it away

Michael:then you will

Michael:I also promise you, I will never buy another Garmin product ever again

Michael:so, thanks for the "help"

Michael:all Garmin USA had to do was pay Garmin Colombia to do the exact same thing that they would have done in the US

Laurie:Thanks for choosing Garmin. Have a great day!


Michael:No longer choosing Garmin

Laurie:I hope that I was able to help you today. Please re-contact us if you require further assistance.

Laurie has exited the session.

I hope that I was able to help you today. Please re-contact us if you require further assistance.


International Purchases: A separate warranty may be provided by international distributors for devices purchased outside the United States depending on the country. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device. Distributor warranties are only valid in the area of intended distribution. Devices purchased in the United States or Canada must be returned to the Garmin service center in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or Taiwan for service.