gateway latop wont boot


Aug 14, 2013
My window 7 on my gateway laptop wont boot. After I turn it on it goes to 2 options 1. Start windows normally 2. Something about restoring. I have tryed f2 to the bios and reset still no luck. Then I tryed f8 then tryed safe mode and last known successful boot. I insert the recovery disk and it goes to the windows start thing. I type us keyboard and after 30 mins.I tells me where to save window 7 but it says window 7 has 0mb then it loads so I cant click next and it loads for 8 hours.and wont load I tryed 8 hours. This happened when played minecraft and I think my ram or.hdd got.wiped. I get a flashy blue screen and a constant black.screen


I would start with either a restore or system repair after booting from a Windows install disk. You probably don't have one, just a recovery disk, so download an image of the identical version as your Windows 7 from DIGITAL RIVER, burn to a DVD, and boot from it -- then you can do the needed repair. If none of that works, your next choice is a repair installation that saves data and programs like THIS. You can use the activation key on your laptop sticker if one is needed.

While it may be something your brother did, it may also be his bad luck to have been using it when your hard drive started to fail??