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Feb 28, 2016
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Celebrate the holidays in style with some help from our resident experts in the Tom’s Guide Community. For the duration of Cyber Week, we’ll be collecting the best deals from you, our lovely audience. To sweeten the, well, deal, we’re offering one complimentary USB hub to each reader who makes a submission. We’re also giving away a Roku Streaming Stick. To enter head to one of the submission threads and join the raffle. To claim your free Tom’s Guide USB Hub you’ll need to add a deal bundle to the thread.

Also, be sure to sign up for our Purch Perks program. Purch Perks is a new cashback program we have available for free for all Tom's Hardware members. You all will likely be most interested in our 2.5% cash back offer on all Jet purchases and 3% Cashback on all Wallmart purchases. The Purch Programs hosts a whole bunch of other cashback offers at other stores as well. Your cash is sent to you via mail or direct deposit every 90 days, so there is very minimal effort on your end. If you're in the market for a rig or even looking upgrade one or a few components, you should definitely look into this as the cash back offers can stack with any other super sales or Black Friday specials. Take a look.

Cord Cutter’s Heaven
It’s easier than ever to cut the cord and ditch that costly cable subscription. With that in mind we want to know what the best home theatre set up is for the recent cord cutter. Submissions to this category can include deals TVs, stream boxes and sticks, cloud services and any streaming deal you can find.
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