Getting Pics out of Private folder on Samsung Galaxy S7 with black screen


Jan 9, 2018
I have a 1 month old Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7. The screen suddenly went black. I can get it to reboot by pressing volume down and power. It then goes to the blue tracfone screen and then to the screen where I enter my 4 digit pin. It then goes to the unlocked lock icon screen with the circle and thinks for a bit and goes back to black. I have tried various combinations of pushing power up and down, home and power buttons. I did get it to wipe the cache partition also. My main concern is getting photos out of a private folder. When I connect the phone to my computer, it says no files found. I did take my SD card out and the hidden photos are not there, as far as I can find. Please help! Thanks.
If you can't access the screen, getting anything off the device is going to be almost impossible.

Unless the screen allows for touch, even if you can't see. Then you 'may' be able to get the info off of it by connecting it to a computer via USB cord and hitting the appropriate place on the display when connecting.

However, if you can't use the screen at all (no touch) then there is no way you can can things off of it.

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