Gift Guide for the Laptop Enthusiast


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Feb 28, 2016

Finding the perfect laptop for the laptop enthusiast in your life is sure to be a challenge. Do you go Mac or Windows? A hybrid? A desktop replacement? Fear not, these laptops are sure to be a major upgrade for any laptop enthusiast worth their silicon.

HP Spectre 13 (2017) - $869

Our sister site loves the Spectre’s gorgeous design and 3 (yes three) USB-C ports. If you’re a laptop enthusiast that loves a laptop thin and powerful, then look no further than the HP Spectre. This certified refurbished model is a steal at $899

Microsoft Surfacebook (2017) - $999

The silver Microsoft 13.5-inch Surface Book Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Notebook is a high-performance laptop/tablet hybrid with power and versatility. The latest upgrade also introduces Intel's latest and greats Coffee Lake Processor. With a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, the Surface Book features a 3000 x 2000 screen resolution (267 pixels per inch) and a 3:2 aspect ratio. The display is also a 10-point touch support, so you can take full advantage of the multitouch gestures incorporated into Windows 10 Pro.

Twelve South GhostStand Laptop Stand - $27.92

Minimally and stylishly suspend your laptop on this transparent stand. This stand isn't just for show as it will help improve posture while working from a desktop. Although designed for Macs, this stand will work with just about any laptop.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse - $62.50

The one mouse to rule them all. The MX Master has been a beloved favorite of designers and programmers everywhere since it came out a few years back. Now that the second integration is out in the wild, the original MX Master costs significantly less. Jump on this deal while its supplies still last.

We’ve shown you ours, now show us yours!

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Post your best recommendations for a gift for this archetype, with each recommended item as a separate response to this forum thread. Every response counts as a single entry to win a $25 Amazon gift card for this archetype. Please be sure to include the name of the gift item with link, why the archetype would like it, an image (if available), and how much it costs.

Before posting, please review the thread for potential duplicates (which won’t count!) and to check proper formatting. The Community Gift Guide 2017 Entries must be posted by November 13th, 2017 to qualify for entry. Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the awesome recommendations!


Aug 14, 2017
I'll take a page from the mobile gamer guide and add the [8bitdo SN-30 Pro controller]. A lot of laptops have a Bluetooth antenna built in, and dongles are pretty cheap for those that don't.

With the number of racing games I play, analog controls are key. The nostalgia form factor is pretty sweet, too! :D
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