Giving Away Free Google Home Minis Is the Dumbest Idea Ever

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Feb 6, 2016
But also unnecessary. Google started 2 years late and already now has the lead position.

"Move over, Amazon Echo. Google Home now sits upon the smart speaker throne"

Why on earth would they give them away?

We started with an Echo and now have several Google Homes. It is really no contest.
Jun 30, 2018
I think you fail to realize that Amazon shopping is only popular in the US. In Europe Google is hugely popular where as Amazon is just one online retailer among many. In Europe you don't get free Prime shipping, Amazon is not cheaper or quicker and trying to buy anything there at least half the time ends in Amazon telling me the stuff I'm tying to buy can't be shipped to my location. On the other hand a voice assistant that plays nice with my Android phone and Chromecast is hugely valuable to me.
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