Going to buy a laptop, i3-4010U vs i5-4200U intended for programming work mainly. How important is turbo boost?


May 7, 2014
Comparison of the processors

I'm looking into buying a laptop mainly for programming purposes, I'm aware the only thing this i5 has over the i3 is turbo boost (up to 2.6GHz), what i'm trying to find out is how much turbo boost plays into my needs.
the laptops im looking at are:
Dell Vostro 5470 with the i3-4010U,
leaning towards the vostro. This is dells business line so its definitely a better build and its really light abt 1.6kgs (easy to carry around which i'll be doing a lot, currently at uni).

Asus X552LD-SX208D X-Series with the i5-4200U,
this has a 15" screen, its not really a factor for me and I don't like that its a whole kg heavier.

Lenovo Essential G40 5941-7963 14" also with the i5-4200U,
this i would only get as a last resort.

I don't really care about the graphics card, i'm on a budget and don't plan on playing any games on the laptop or work with anything that requires serious graphics processing.

Planned use for the laptop:
Visual studio 2013 (for C++)
Eclipse (for Python)
Virtualbox (not as important) will probably dual boot with ubuntu
SQL server 2012 (for SQL)

So my question is, how much does turbo boost play into my needs? is it negligible?


According to the above link, the performance difference is negligable for threaded applications but up to 13.8% difference maximum (likely a bit lower) in non-thread aware applications.

All things being equal, get the faster CPU but if there's a noticeable price difference or a feature you prefer on the slower CPU model I suggest that.

So based on your main comment, I suggest getting the Dell Vostro.
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