Golem Arcana Hands-on: Board Game Meets Mobile Game

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Aug 14, 2014
Uhh...Golem Arcana released to the public yesterday. This "review" is an out of date preview. The app's been updated, no one's having post-release problems using compatible iPhones/iPads that meet the prerequisites. And the Android app is similarly being updated, though there is still a bug that affect some users which they should be fixing shortly. The TDI stylus works exceptionally well as long as your device is properly compatible. Though, I suppose if you're in a high-RF interference environment its connection might suffer. The typical living room or game store wouldn't have this issue.

Additionally, hundreds (thousands?) of people are playing Golem Arcana at GenCon right now and LOVING it, based on all their tweets, facebook posts and more. I'm not seeing negative responses from GenCon on social media so far.

Also note, I played the demo of Golem Arcana at GenCon *LAST YEAR* and loved it. It's why I backed it on Kickstater after going in to the demo somewhat doubtful. And it worked well last year.

It may take a few weeks for the developers to update the Android side of things, as the app isn't tweaked to support all hardware compatible phones yet. It requires Android 4.3+ and Bluetooth 4 LE (Low Energy) support, which not all manufacturers enable on their devices despite having the hardware capability. (Same tech gear like FitBit uses)

Anyway, I suggest giving it another shot with the retail version, and then updating this review. Because I'm not having any of the problems you experienced, and neither are many other players.

Not open for further replies.