Good headphones for under $200


Dec 17, 2012
Trying to figure out which headphones to get. I only am interested in sennheiser headphones. I was thinking about getting or if I more than double my budget I could get I do have a really good mix amp etc... I just want some headphones with good base that don't leak very much.
I would have suggested the MDR-1As or the Audio Technica MSR7s, but the HD598 is really the only option in your budget for Sennheisers... :(
HD700 are better (even left-right balance, smoother response curve, etc), but at that point you'll need to have an equally good DAC+amp to back it up.

If noise leaking/noise isolation is a big concern for you, how about taking at look at the MDR-1A ? Not the best bang for buck out there, but they are quite excellent closed sets (and surprisingly well fitting and light weight)