Good internet in the middle of a forest


Nov 4, 2016
At my house, which is in a large plot of land in the middle of a large forest and the only way I can get internet is a dsl connection, which would be good if the recieving dish didnt have to be placed in a tree pretty far from our house. Because of the limited length of the cord we had to put the router in a workshop building about 100ft away from my house. I can't get a wired connection because of the area the router is located, which is very loud and dirty, and am forced to use wifi instead, and from a large distance away from the router. Because of this I lag horribly in most fps like tf2 and orsiris: new dawn. Is there any way I could improve my connection? my average internet speed is 5.75 mbps download and 2.14 mbps upload.


Nov 11, 2013
ya I feel for you . I like in a rural area and my 3 choices are att 56k dial up [2016 and thats all they still can offer to me ??? ] wifi like verision 4g cell phone or satellite .

they all suck but i now got the 4g from verizon jetpack mifi ..

no way i can do anything todays needs with att at 56k , satellite comes and goes with the wind / bird sitting just right on a tree limb / cloud overhead / ect...... [never worked when you needed it to ]

you would think in the us of a and the teay 2016 that the best we can do ????