Good laptop for graphic design and casual gaming


May 16, 2013
Hi! Im about to graduate highschool soon and my parents are willing to let me pick what laptop i want. They are pretty persistent on me getting a mac though. They say that it runs the best, its fast, and blah blah blah. But ive heard from people i know that PC's are better to run different software and gaming, it has more RAM, etc, etc. So i dont know which one i should pick. I would just like some suggestions and information before i decide

I am going into graphic design so i need something to be able to run adobe programs and all that jazz. Also i guess with being a graphic designer im going to need alot of memory to save all the files and documents. I also like gaming on my laptop such as minecraft and some steam games. Im not a big PC gamer but i would like to be able to run it smoothly compared to my current laptop. And of course i would prefer a laptop that is pretty fast and appealing to the eye :D
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