Question Good program for encrypting files

Apr 27, 2020
So I've been using AxCrypt program for encrypting my files for many months, years maybe and in some ways I like it, but it's just AWFULLY SLOW and it even hangs sometimes, it is kinda pain. I'm writing here, because I need to ask as many people as people: do you use any that kind of a program that allows you easily encrypt / decrypt many files in Windows folders with one master password set up? Do you need anything like that? I've been looking for alternative programs and there no other program that would have such handy interface and be FAST at the same time. And it's not about encrypting / decrypting large files, AxCrypt is just screwed up. So I'm thinking about creating my own program, but I want to earn on it, it's a lot of work, so - DO YOU NEED it? OR did you find anything better for Windows?