News Google Pixel 7 Pro gaming benchmarks are in — and they’re ‘embarrassing’


Jul 9, 2011
Meh, so what. If you're gaming on your phone you're doing it wrong anyway. I'm loathe to see "gaming" work it's way into consideration on a phone. Mobile gaming is an infestation anyway. Go buy a Steam Deck if handheld gaming is what you're after. I suppose if you're gonna compare to the other chips, in a way, more is more I guess and worth noting, but I could care less personally. I'd rather the Pixel 7 be cheaper than for the G2 tensor to need better graphics.
Oct 20, 2022
I agree with you on the front that the phones gaming performance shouldn't be a huge factor. If I were to upgrade to the 7 Pro, which is likely, it would be for the camera and AI performance, which is what Google touts it's main capabilities as. I only ever play the occasional, casual game on my phone because it's convenient. If I want performance, I'll head for my PC or PlayStation.