News Google Pixel 7 vs Pixel 6: What's different?

Dec 6, 2022
Recently purchased a Pixel 6 on sale. However, given the Black Friday discount on the Pixel 7, I will be spending $20 plus taxes to upgrade to the Pixel 7 that arrived yesterday. It feels better in the hand than the Pixel 6. And, it does seem faster. The ENORMOUS difference is Face ID/Unlock. Since I have an iPhone 14Pro Max as my main phone, I could not stand using the poorly implemented fingerprint ID on the Pixel 6. While the Pixel 7 Face Unlock and fingerprint ID are not perfect, I do like them much better than the Pixel 6. And I do like the size of the Pixel 7 - it is remarkably close, but just a bit more comfortable in the hand, with or without a case.