Google Takeout

Feb 4, 2023
Does Google Takeout even work anymore?

I have submitted several takeout requests for data on various Google accounts, yet I have never received an emailed link to download archives.

As of today, its been 3 months since my initial requests were made. I just submitted two more on a test account this morning.

I understand that it can take time to archive data; especially if you're dealing with an account that's years old, but seriously...

Unfortunately, the community 'help' and FAQ pages are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

BTW, inbound emails from Google aren’t being filtered, nor are they showing up in my Spam folders either.

Anyone have an idea what I may be missing here?


When I checked my account, all appeared to be operational.

However, there are multiple sources (just by googling "how long does google takeout take?" that indicates minutes to days to weeks. One of those, it depends situations.

Other than waiting or sorting out with Google, I'm not sure there is much you can do.


Aug 31, 2016
Just ordered my google takeout about 12 days ago, it was ready within a day.

That said all the permissions for google to track me have been shut off for years and I check those settings semi-regularly.
It could be that you have a massive amount of generated data in their servers that needs to be pulled and placed into a zip, so it's taking longer to accrue.

If that doesn't seem right, you're probably a glitch in the system. Give it a couple more weeks or don't and then contact support, and they'll unglitch you

also, fwiw, some of the sites that were listed on the google admin suite page that generates the takeout that were known to be linked to me were Not included in the downloaded unizpped file, along with an opaque message about why, which of course made no sense.