Google Wifi Issue


Apr 8, 2012
Everything was working fine for several months. I upgraded my wife's phone in addition to mine (we got two S9+ phones) yesterday. Had no trouble connecting to the Wifi until yesterday when I brought the phones home. I stayed up troubleshooting until 2am. I couldn't get anything to work. I would pull 2mb down and .5 up, and this was standing about 15 feet from my main point. Most times, It would time out and receive an error notice because nothing would work.

If I placed my phone on the main point, I could get 15 mbps, sometimes 30 down, but maybe 1.0 up.

I've got two other points connected, one via mesh (bedroom), second mesh (but hard wired through a LAN line) in the office (this is on the other side of the house). I get nothing from the main point or the bedroom. If I walk to the far end of the house into my office. I easily get over 300mpbs down and 3 - 400mpbs up without any problems at all.

As of two days ago, I had an S8 and never had any issues. I've done a factory reset and set up all of the points again, but nothing will work. I had it to where all three points had a great mesh, and now, when I tried to set up my bedroom point, it said the signal was very weak and had trouble connecting.

I've tried swapping points to make a different main point, but that didn't work either.
I thought it might have just been the new phones, but the same is happening with an IPhone and with an LG phone as well. We recently got Att Fiber about 2 weeks ago, but I don't think that would have anything to do with it because it worked fine up until yesterday.

I have a laptop and desktop connected and they have great speeds. Can anyone make heads or tails and at least point me in the right direction? Maybe "point" wasn't the best choice of words, but I need help. Just got two awesome phones, or at least they were awesome for a couple of hours, and now they are worthless and we can't get Wifi in any other location other than my office on the far side of the house which makes no sense.
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