Graphics Card recommended for AutoCad


May 26, 2011
Hi all,

My friend needs a laptop to run AutoCad.

1. What are the most important components (and order of importance) to consider when looking for a laptop to run autocad (CPU, HDD/SSD, RAM, GPU, etc.)?

2. Recommended CPU? Does it matter if its Quad or Duel core? Recommended speed and why?

3. Would an SSD improve the performance of AutoCad over HDD's? If SSD what size would you recommend and why?

4. Would 4GB RAM enough to run AutoCad or would it require or recommend 8GB up?

5. Many laptops comes with Windows 8 and HD Intel graphic 4000; would the HD 4000 work well with AutoCad or would you recommend discrete graphics card? If discrete which would you recommend and why?

6. What laptop would you recommend for strict performance for AutoCAD and why?

7. What laptop would you recommend for AutoCad and light game play and why?

8. If I left out anything of importance regarding this topic please provide your expert comments to enlighten me and anyone else reading this post.

I really appreciate any contribution in this area; Thank you very much.


Jan 15, 2007
On the desktop for AutoCAD, the best entry-level workstation card is the AMD FirePro V4900 for $160

The laptop equivalent of the V4900 from HP can be found on ebay for around $200. I'll try to look up a link/model number for you. Forget everything you listed and focus on the card.

Workstation cards have accelerators/drivers with advanced geometry/math capabilities. The advantages in this relates to your screen re-generation as you zoom in and out of various portions of your line drawing. The bigger the file, the better the regeneration with the workstation card.

An SSD will boot the laptop faster, and launch your app more quickly. More RAMs help, but only to the extent it limits hits on your page file. With 4GB you should be fine, but 2x4GB fast RAMs are really inexpensive these days.

A Trinity APU quad-core should be an excellent option to build upon, even prior to the workstation card. I put *AutoCAD OpenCL* in my search engine, and the first listing was FirePro drivers.

The **SIMD Engine Array** on the Trinity APU contains *Turks* cores. The same graphics engine on the FirePro V4900 ...