Oct 1, 2012
Those are all manufactures of laptops. They don't make the chips in them.

That's like asking, which is faster a ford, toyota, nissan, or honda?

It depends on what's under the hood.

Typically ASUS puts better GPU's in their laptops.

Look for an NVIDIA sticker and a GTX 600 number. The number's will only be a 600 and be multiples of 10 (650, 660, 670). If it also happens to have the letters 'Ti' beside the number, that means that it's the PLUS model and will be better than one w/o the Ti. If it has an 'm' after the number, that just means that it's the 'mobile' edition of the chip.
An NVIDIA GTX 650 or higher will be good. That means that your best options will be 650, 660, 670, 680, or any Ti variations of those.