GSM unlocked for Mongolia

Apr 17, 2019
Can someone please help me out?

I have an exchange student here from Monglia. The phone she came here with has broken and we need to get her something before she goes home in May. I know they are on the GSM network and it will need to be unlocked. I'm happy with going with suggestions as lo g as we know it will be a good quality smart phone and work for her when she gets home. I know so little about the specifics behind cell phones and how they work that I dont know how to figure out what will be best for her

Please help!

Thank you
Find out what service they were using, go to their web site or email / call support and have her ask what phones will work with their service. As far as what model to get, that depends on the budget and screen size you are looking for. I like the Honor 7x and 8x models, got my son an 8x and he is very happy, although it's a pretty big phone.