Guess What? Facebook Logs Your Calls, Texts

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May 8, 2014
If people are stupid enough to use Social media they deserve everything they lose from it.
People are just so naive to think that there are real people at the other end of the programs.
System Admins that have access to every bit of information you put on Facebook.
System Admins at any Business have complete control of the Computer and information on them.
I am a System Admin and know what I am talking about as we are the ones that make Group Policy and control how and what can be done on any computer connected to the Server.
There is no such thing as privacy when you use a server connected App, in other words any App that another person can connect to online has to go through a server, the Cloud is not a real cloud it's a server farm not much different to the desktop computer you have at home just larger with terabytes of storage and normally a few more Gigabytes of Memory.
Anything you put to the cloud is there for the world to see, so pictures of your last trip to a nudist Beach or those happy snaps of your children running around with no clothes on in your secluded back yard area are there for any pervert or Paedophile to access with simple hack programs.
Go to any Usenet server and you will find photos hacked from Facebook and Snap chat and all the other Apps that people use on their phones.
I am no hacker never been interested in hacking but there are children with computers connected to the internet that are curious and push the envelope on what should or shouldn't be done.
I have worked for large Companies as a System Admin and also as a Help Desk provider that has remote access to all those that called for help as at times we need to take control of those systems to fix them as the majority of people are pretty stupid and can't follow simple step by step instructions.
When we have remote access it's no different to us being in front of your computer and have total access to everything on your computer, Bank details, your secret photos that you think are hidden in a renamed folder or every Document in your My Documents folder.
Just lucky people don't have anything embarrassing on their personal computers at home isn't it ;)


Mar 25, 2018
Not mine they don't, for one I don't have their app on my phone and secondly they don't have my cell phone number, just my land line number which I seldom use .....

I don't give my cellphone number out to anybody I don't personally know
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