Guest access password for belkin.fc4.guest

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Jan 16, 2017

I too am having the same issue. I am the owner of a Belkin N600 router. I have an Arris gateway bridged with my Belkin N600 router. My router has 3 signals (Belkin.0c1, Belkin.0c1.5, and Belkin.0c1.guests). I didn't even know about this signal because my laptop just automatically logs into one of the other two.

Just for s#:ts and giggles, I tried connecting to my own personal router's "guest" signal and it prompts me for a password. I put in my password for the router, or at least for the other two main signals, and it is wrong. p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d is wrong too.

Just sayin'.... that other guy is most likely not dense enough to go on here and say "blah blah blah need password" to gain access to some "neighbors" router.
It's all rather academic a month down the line.

The OP didn't come back to argue the point so why did you bother to post? Tom's policy on password help of any kind is to err on the side of not helping folks to poach bandwidth from a neighbour or to help in accessing other peoples' data by assisting with PC password help.

You signed up to accept our rules then put yourself on the Moderators' watch list with your first post. Remarkable.
Some routers display the admin login detail along with the password on the case. Sometimes "admin" gets you in using the password "password".

To get in, press your Windows key and R together then in th eRun bx that pops up type
cmd /k ipconfig /all
then press Enter.

Among the information that shows up in the black Command form is the Default Gateway. It might look like That is your gateway to the Internet and it's also the address you need to type into the URL bar of your browser as though it was a website address, to get to the router's login page.

Quite often, bandwidth slowing down is a matter of geography or settings within Windows. What have you tried so far?
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