Have coax digital audio: Need to drive speakers


Sep 20, 2012
I have an Emerson LC 320EM93 flat-screen TV, which (foolishly in my opinion) DOESN'T have speaker drive, and DOESN'T even have RCA (1 volt) audio outputs. What the manual says it has is a "coaxial digital audio output jack". I have two nice large speakers, bought 30 years ago, which are just as nice as the day they were purchased. I need to drive those speakers. But how? The answer would be easy, if the TV had what it should have. But it doesn't.
Jim jamesdbell8[at]yahoo.com
You need a surround sound receiver. It will have a coaxial digital input and will power the speakers. If you have a stereo receiver or integrated amp to power the speakers then you can get a digital to analog converter to connect it to the TV such as this
New TVs do not have amplifiers in them or analog outputs since these add to cost and require more space.