Have tv without bluetooth - how can it work with my new bluetooth hearing aids?

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Jul 23, 2015
My new hearing aids use bluetooth - but my tv appears to lack this because I can't hear it with the new aids. I usually plug headphones in the tv, but was hoping to just use the hearing aids.
What would I need to purchase to make the tv work with the new hearing aids?
Thanks for any help!


Oct 20, 2016
My TV is Panasonic. The manual that came with has 4 model numbers listed. TC-P42ST30, TC-P46ST30,
TC-P50ST30, & TC-P55ST30. I've no clue which one I have


Feb 13, 2017
I doubt that your hearing aids work directly with Bluetooth enabled TVs. You need a transmitter/streamer that can be worn around your neck or carried in your pocket.


Jun 18, 2017
I think you can purchase a streaming device (dongle) for about $30 + which will plug into the tv/ sterio/ car etc. This will enable you to pick up the sound through bluetooth.
There are quite a few utubes on it and how to do it.
I am also looking at Chromecast at the moment as an option to listen to sound in auditoriums etc.
All the best
I hope this helps...


Jul 4, 2017
I was so happy I was able to set up my bluetooth Unitron 2 streaming device with my new Samsung smart TV; with the related small device I wear around my neck while watching, I hear much better. The charging base for the Unitron is connected to my TV. (Sorry I'm not better with the tech terminology.)

BUT so far I have not been able to get the same device working when I call up my Amazon prime video app via the TV's Smart Hub; and I don't see a setting option in the Hub to tell it to recognize bluetooth (my streaming thing) though it's working with regular TV functions.

Somewhere I read someone set up a special link in github to allow access to hidden bluetooth option in the Hub (or was it the Amazon app?) but I was a bit afraid to try that approach and can't find it again anyway.

I don't know if this helps or not but thought I'd mention it. Also, my Unitron 2 was between $100-200 but maybe there's a cheaper version, good!
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