Question Haven't bought a laptop since 2009! Help!

Nov 20, 2019
Hello! My HP Pavilion DV6-2152NR is on its last legs. I love the laptop though, so I'm looking to get something similar. Windows, don't care (or really understand) much about specs, I just want something reliable that will last me for a long time. Things I use my laptop for: Excel, iTunes, editing pictures, occasional movie/sports stream, and working from home. I'd like 512 GB and anything bigger than a 15 inch screen. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!


Since you just want a basic use laptop pretty much anything made in the last 10 years will work for you, you may want to narrow things down a bit or you may as well just go to a store and pick a random thing off the shelf, just stick with a few good brands. This Dell at $700 is pretty good, 500gb solid state, touchscreen, tablet mode

Or you can get a used system like a Lenovo T model and stick a new 500gb solid state in that, will be half the price.
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