HDTV colors messed up but OSD looks perfectly colored [solved]


Feb 14, 2012
Ok. Forgive me, but my first post is a copy paste of my AVS Forums unanswered post. I've been a lurker here for like 10 years though, thanks to Google bringin' me back. My problem is with an Olevia LT26HVX LCD TV.

Here 't'is!

"I realize this is an ancient thread, but this is the closest to an official LT26HVX thread we have, and I have one I'm trying to save from the garbage.

Here's the full rundown:

When you switch it on, the screen is bright blue, then becomes a darker blue. If it's on a source with a signal, or you switch it to one, the picture is almost colorless and extremely dark. If you try to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, etc, the slider will only move 1 tick in either direction and then becomes unresponsive (it flickers like it's trying to move but the number never leaves that 3-digit range). Sometimes when you try to adjust these sliders, the screen goes even darker, like it just suddenly goes dim.

Changing the color preset to "Cool" has the most noticable effect, making the screen go bright blueish. Setting it to "user" lets you tweak R/G/B but not enough to make it near viewable.

Note: I don't think it's a bad panel, because while the source video colors are all jacked up, the OSD (which is a nice multicolored graphical display) looks perfectly normal, bright, and colored correctly.

I have the service manual, and what I think is that it's probably something bad on the main board. Can anyone confirm if this sounds correct? It seems to be something I can easily replace. I already disassembled the TV, blew off the main board with canned air and wiggled all the connections, and put it back together, so I know I can replace it easily if that's the right part to fix.

If anybody can give me useful advice, if anybody knows the service menu code, and if anybody can tell me how to do an eprom reset (I read somewhere this may solve the problem), any of these things would be greatly appreciated. I really wanna fix this thing...partly just so one of the things I can say I did was fixing a TV (haha) but mostly cos I'd really like to salvage it and use it as a computer monitor."

If anybody can help, thanks! Also, thanks for reading! I'm just a guy who needs help to help himself. ;)

Edit: forgot to include the service manual link: http://www.thedouglasfirs.com/Olevia-LT26HVX-LCD-Tv-Service-Manual.pdf