Headphone buzz (temporary solution found but very annoying!!! and makes other tasks impossible)


Jul 31, 2015
Hi, My headphones broke and so I took a old pair and plugged them in I noticed a small buzzing noise so I tried to fix It but what I noticed was that the headphones stopped buzzing when I touched my pc case. could this be a grounding issue (my other headphones didnt do this)

Any help appreciated, as you could understand playing cs go with one hand is a little hard and my foot gets tired


I agree that it's bad grounding, but it also might be whatever you are wearing/chair making things worse. Replacement is the best option, but making sure your computer is properly connected to the grounding (third "mouth" piece in a NEMA plug) line and that your motherboard is connected to the case using metal screws and standoffs (some cheaper things use plastic, which is not good) might be able to help for now.
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