Headphone buzzing in bassy songs + left ear in pain


Aug 2, 2013
I own a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M30Xs, and have done for about 2 months now.
Today I noticed that the right phone makes an odd buzzing sound in certain bassy songs (sounds like a fly trying to escape), even when the volume isn't that high. I'm not sure if this means they are broken or whether there is a way of rectifying this issue.

Another issue I have is that these phones make my left ear hurt, even after small lengths of wearing. It ends up being a throbbing pain that will be there one second and gone the next, I'm not sure if this is related specifically to the headphones or whether it's just something up with my ear. Anyway, is there any easy way of solving this problem and if not are there other, similar sounding, more comfortable headphones in a similar price range. I use this as both a gaming headset and for listening to music.



Aug 18, 2013
Have you used different audio sources and checked if the buzzing problem still exists?

If this problem happened just recently I would suggest to check for a loose hair or particle that is on the left driver possibly causing the buzzing noise. Try blowing on the driver directly to free the particle. Hopefully it isn't caused due to a blown driver.

As for the comfort issue you could try rolling a piece of tissue paper or using cotton and stuffing it under the ear pads like so:

If you don't like the pleather feel you could also try the sock mod, where you take a pair of socks, cut off the edge with the elastics and place it over your current ear pads. Cheap and easy to do.

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