Solved! Headphone splitter not working

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Feb 26, 2020
Hello, I recently bought a headset splitter (1 female + 2 male), but they do not function with any of my headsets or any of my computers.
  • When i plug the two male jacks into my laptop, it notifies me that these two jacs have been registered.
  • When I plug the two male jacks into my desktop, I receive a pop-up for each of them asking whether they are either line in, microphone in or headphones.
My laptop is a 4-year old MSI, and my desktop is a newly built one.

The problem is both the microphones and the headphones when using the splitter:
The headsets will only play sound on one side, and the microphone will not pick up any sound. If i press the jack from the headphones into the female jack from the splitter, sound and microphone seem to work, but will stop working if i let go.
Both headsets’ headphones work like normal if i plug them directly into the computers.
- One headset is a Razer Blackshark, and the other from my Huawei P10.
Additionally, the microphone on the headset from my phone has been tested and works with my phone.

At a point, when i was moving the jack from my headset a bit in and out of the splitter, i was able to make the microphone work a little bit, but the volume was low, and my friend was able to hear my audio.
I got in contact with the people i bought the splitter from, and they sent me a new one, but it’s the same problem.

Try another model, there is really nothing special with those splitters, if they don't work there is an issue with the splitter or the headset connection to it.
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