Headphone wire replace

Chris P Jew

Oct 24, 2016
I have a pare of sennheiser Game Zeros and the wire that connects to the headphones and the pc is broken. I dont want to buy new headphones and i have no idea if i can go out and buy a wire that fits. pls help :love:
game zeros have a replaceable cable per the specs page.

any 3.5mm 4pole to 3.5mm 3pole x 2 male to male cable will work. or you can likely order one direct from them for additional cost.
1. If you are lucky the cable is replaceable, I have no idea whether yours is, GOOGLE see what u find. Replaceable as in it can be disconnected from the driver and simply replaced.

2. If above is not, then the only way to fix if you own a soldering iron and know how to use.