Headset with multiple connection capabilities


Nov 16, 2015

searched hi and low, and I only found what might fit my needs in the Plantronics 720. Aside from being holy expensive, I was wondering if it was just my bad google-fu and decided to ask the community.

Basically, I need Bluetooth/wireless and 3.5mm/USB/wired options to connect to PC (Skype/Lync) or phone (don't laugh... company Blackberry :p ). Meetings can last forever, so the wired option is needed in case battery goes low. Needs noise cancelling as well and be binaural over-the-ear type of headset since I absolutely hate the behind the ear type headsets (in part due to my glasses and how they get ridiculously uncomfortable / hurtful after a short duration)

I know that's asking for a lot, and if the only option IS the 720, then I might not have much of a choice (even if the reviews are so-so for a 500CDN$+ device).

Anyone know of any other options?

Thank you


thats a niche market so finding choices is hard. there are products out there like the tritton swarm which fill that niche but the mic quality on that is pretty bad from reviews.

most of the decent wireless headphone with mic choices also seem to use a cable for mic and not have it on the mic itself.

i looked a bit and finding something with a decent boom mic and wireless blutooth while being over ear and a decent brand is hard. i saw quite a few low end knock offs but call quality is going to suffer.
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