HELLO, i would like to know if theres any way of connecting two 50watt stereo bluetooth speakers, using samsung galaxy s5. i k

Don't think so. If you have a "stereo" pair of BT speakers there is only one BT receiver and stereo amplifier for the pair and it's in one of the two speakers. That's why you need the cable between them.
If you have two individual BT speakers they would only play mono each and you would not be able to pair them both to one device. There are exteranal BT transmitters that will pair with two speakers but you would get two speaker mono not stereo.


Jul 16, 2016
hello thanks for your prompt reply, i am currently looking into bluetooth multipoint splitters as these seem to have good reviews
if i can get rid of that cable, that would be priceless, both speakers will have bluetooth modules inside but one will be right channel only and the other left channel as both speakers will have stereo bluetooth amps installed, any feed back would be appreciated,
i plan on selling them if i can do it without the cable. regards john