Help Buying A Laptop Needed!


Sep 14, 2017
Hello Everyone!
I'm currently looking to buy a laptop for use at school and at times that my home PC is not accessible.
-15" + Screen size
-Fast enough that I can do small level games for my free time (like Unturned)
-To be able to have fast Wi-Fi connections for Remote Desktop
-Windows 10
-Parents don't wanna spend a lot as i spend a ton on my pc ($2200) so MAX I put is $800
-Minimum 4 hours battery life

-Dedicated Graphics (Preferable if in price range)
-2-1 screen

Please note that mainly i would be using Remote Desktop mainly to connect to my PC for anything intensive, (i7-6700k, GTX 1070, 512 gb SSD, ETC)

I've seen things with Core i5-7200U, though i'm not too sure how far i can get so i'm asking you all.

If you are thinking about using the laptop with a remote connection to the desktop for games, that won't work, too much video lag over a remote connection.

If you want higher battery life you are looking at a non-gaming system, if you want something with a decent video card, this is good for the price, SSD, newer video card