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  1. J

    Solved! Can anyone recommend a remote desktop tool?

    Hi, We need a remote dektop tool for our IT Department to use to provide technical support. It needs: - Chat feature - The client does not have to authorise the connection, and can't abort it. - Ideally it would have a mobile app. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  2. M

    Solved! Microsoft remote desktop issues (?)

    Hi everyone. Recently as the title says, I have been experiencing issues with MRD; I used to have an android phone that worked with the app no problem , I really enjoyed it, but it happened that a couple days ago I lost this phone and got back to an older one (a lumia 635, on windows mobile...
  3. RainOfPain125

    Extreme help pls? Teamviewer is bad now.

    As of late Teamviewer has decided to update it's software to have more rigorous auto detection of users using their software for "commercial use". I have been one of those people and can no longer use TeamViewer privately without buying an entire business license - which I am definitely not...
  4. C

    Solved! Portable Remote Only Laptop (<$500)

    Portable Remote Only Laptop (<$500) I am looking for a cheap laptop that is light to Remote into my schools computer science desktop. I don't believe this will require much of any power at all. I would like an SSD 128GB minimum 4gb ram preferably 13"-15" screen Light (~ 3lbs or less) A...
  5. S

    Solved! black out the monitor

    how to make the remote desktop and completely black out the monitor
  6. S

    icons visible only on primary screen

    hi. i have a pc running constantly the same software on a win7pro environment. the system is not connected to the internet, also no updates. this is the configuration: pc is connected to the primary screen (a projector) and through a remote unit with a monitor(2nd screen)/mouse/keyboard in...
  7. L

    Need advice, post - hacked and now my drive is missing

    Alright so, im just gonna be real here and state that i did in fact have teamviewer on. i had it set to a 'random' password, and thats how they were able to get in - i actually caught them in the process of trying to buy a $1499 iphone x.(like 40 minutes ago !!) VERY fortunately, i was able to...
  8. Lutfij

    How To Remotely Access Your Laptop Using Google Chrome's Remote Desktop

    Being able to access your laptop from afar takes a new meaning when you can connect to your laptop using remote desktop connectivity. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can connect to your laptop using Chrome’s Remote Desktop app. You will ofcourse need Google’s Chrome web browser in order...
  9. Lutfij

    How To Remotely Access Your Laptop using Remote Desktop

    Bundled with Windows 10 is a nifty app dubbed Remote Desktop Connection, you can take this a step further with the aid of their recently launched app dubbed, unsurprisingly as Remote Desktop. You can now have the app on a smartphone/mobile device and manage your laptop from a distance. The only...
  10. gigaman

    Solved! Search free simple and fast remote control software

    Hello, Pls help, I need free and simple software for remote control PC at home. But Teamviewer no free in use, but i like it and want some similar as Litemanager Free too. Looking free version, simple and fast in using, with any optionals ex. record desctop, etc. Thank you!
  11. A

    access violation at address 0043292A in module 'Itaskbar.exe' read of address 00000000

    dear experts, I'm having difficulties on accessing a third party remote desktop like application, what should I do in order to solve the problem? best regards, Nanda
  12. M

    Help Buying A Laptop Needed!

    Hello Everyone! I'm currently looking to buy a laptop for use at school and at times that my home PC is not accessible. Requirements: -15" + Screen size -Fast enough that I can do small level games for my free time (like Unturned) -To be able to have fast Wi-Fi connections for Remote Desktop...
  13. T

    Performance of chinese laptop with Intel Celeron N3450

    I am looking for a 2k display laptop for using remote desktop with it. I found a chinese laptop here: It runs with a Intel Celeron N3450 processor, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 500 200-700mHz and 6GB of RAM. My question is: Is this...
  14. G

    Can't open games with Remote Desktop Connection

    I'm trying to stream games from my home gaming PC to my work computer and laptop through RDC. I have set up a VPN and can do most things through RDC (browse chrome, etc.) but whenever I try to open a game (namely Football Manager 2017), the application takes forever to open the window, then...
  15. C

    Ugh, Hacked Through Remote Desktop (Win 7). What to Do?

    Took me over a day or so to figure out exactly what happened after I noticed fradulent purchases from my eBay and Paypal and text message sent remotely from my phone (via Pushbullet app), but determined from talking to eBay (and finding out the orders were made from my IP address) and then...
  16. Netsurfer733

    Fastest remote desktop app = ?

    Hey all. I'm hoping to find a remote desktop app that is very efficient/has the lowest latency when trying to *view* a computer via your cell phone. No need to be able to control a PC, I intend to game directly to a nearby PC with a wireless keyboard that switches between devices. Reason...
  17. P

    Windows 10 Remote Desktop Redirector Bus

    How to disable Remote desktop serices in windows 10, it keeps giving errors on my laptop. Adrienne email address removed by moderator
  18. F

    Run solidworks 2015 through Remote Desktop/Teamviewer

    Hi guys, I invested in a good desktop with a good graphics card, but I also have a low-end laptop, and this year my professor asked us to do some projects in solidworks, but my desktop is not inside my campus so i only have my laptop to work, my question is if i can use Remote Desktop/Teamviewer...
  19. H

    Connecting Raspberry pi directly to Laptop

    I have a raspberry pi 2 and no spare screen to use it with and i dont want to spend alot of money on it. But i do have a laptop so i was thinking if i could connect them. i have tried remote desktop but its too laggy and i want something portable. Any thought? Thanks edit: im running windows 7
  20. M

    which remote desktop software to use....?

    after the issue with teamviewer whats a good replacement...? is this issue with teamviewer just with registered accounts?
  21. C

    Remote Desktop Acessing

    I have recently found out about remote desktop streaming and launched my witcher 3 game from my PC to my laptop. I was wondering what hardware did it use in order to run my game? The PC's or the Laptop's
  22. J

    Acer Chromebook 13 vs Toshiba Chromebook 2

    I'm looking to buy a low cost laptop, mostly for remote desktop into my custom pc but also to work with Google docs, stream music and watch the occasional Youtube video. I would use it on the go. I've decided on a 13 inch screen since its a good balance between size and portability. The two...
  23. S

    Someone stealing my network bandwidth?

    Hey everyone! About a week ago I opened My Computer and noticed that there was another computer that I am unfamiliar with named "BRENDANS-PC" that connected to my possible remote desktop connections list. It only took me about 5 seconds to realize that the only way this computer could be added...
  24. R

    Microsoft Remote Desktop

    I want to set up Microsoft Remote Desktop but the System Properties isn't showing me what people did in the tutorials its only showing me the top part. How do I fix this?
  25. J

    Setting up a home VPN with Wake on LAN

    Ok so I have desktop pc thats about 10 years old or so and I would like to set it up as a VPN. I would like to be able to access it from school to do things like play League of Legends that is blocked by the firewall. The desktop is currently installed with Xubuntu. I would like to set it so...
  26. F

    Solution for remote desktop with support for Multiple screens

    Hello guys, quite a few of my clients complain that whenever they remote (RDC) to their workstations (with multiple screens) then go back to logon to them (when they are back in their office), they find that all their open windows have been displaced and they have to re-position them again...
  27. R

    Should i get the Macbook Pro 13 2015?

    Hi Tom's Hardware community, I know there has been a lot of people asking the same question but maybe I will give it a different view of point. Couple of months ago one of my friend showed me his new Macbook Pro (it was 15 inch actually, but I checked out the 13 I liked it that better) and I...
  28. gareththegiant

    RDP Monitor Projection

    Hi All, I have a tricky issue here. I have a laptop that I want to project to multiple monitors which I can do fine. However I often work in a RDP environment and inside the RDP for some reason it wont let me project to multiple monitors and I get the message, "your pc can't project to...
  29. firefoxx04

    Windows Server being brute forced.

    Hello, I have a server that is exposed to the internet. Currently only ports for remote desktop and FTPS are available from the outside. Sometimes I get someone trying to get onto my FTP. This is easily mitigated because their IP is logged and then I manually block it at the router. I have...
  30. A

    [CLOSED] Looking for free remtore desktop apps with touch-to-point&click on Linux

    Hi all, I'm setting up uniCenta oPOS for my restaurant. And I want to access the software from iPAD. uniCenta is designed to be touch screen friendly, so all I need is a remote desktop application that allows touch-to-point&click. Remote server is running on Debian Wheezy. I've tried realVNC...
  31. T

    Surface Pro 3 and remote desktop software

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have any suggestion for a good remote desktop program. I know Windows has one, but I just wanted to see if there are any others to check out. What I plan on doing is have my Surface Pro 3 as the computer at work and I want to be able to access all of my...
  32. J

    windows phone 8.1 remote desktop app help

    i am usng lumia 920. i want to set up remote desktop app for first time but i dont have any idea how to do... its asking me to add credentials and i dnt have any idea what credentials it is talking about... help me experts.
  33. thepinkanator95

    What is the best free Remote Desktop Application?

    So I am going to college soon but I want to be able to log into my desktop at home. I don't have a lot of money so I was wondering what the best remote desktop application is (in your opinion) and why. Thanks!
  34. mooska

    Good value in my Lenovo pick?

    I've been searching for a good laptop/2-in-1 tablet for school and coding between classes when I have time. The most I have planned is remoting into my desktop, coding, and the possibility of running a couple of server 2008/2012 VMs. I can always use VMs on my desktop and remote in with my...
  35. G

    Parallels Remote Desktop Now On iPhone and Android

    Parallels has released their 2.0 update for Parallels Access which now supports iPhone and Android tablets and phones on their remote desktop software. Parallels Remote Desktop Now On iPhone and Android : Read more
  36. Q

    Can you change permissions in windows server 2003 over remote desktop

    Can you change permissions in windows server 2003 over remote desktop, or do you Have to be logged in locally.
  37. A

    Create a Remote desktop app

    Hi guys, i'd like to create my own remote desktop software, yet i do not know where to start or if there are any applications to help me do this. I would like to make it so people can game over it with maximum fps. Cheers, Amir
  38. THRobinson

    Android App for Controlling a PC

    Not sure if should go under software or tablets... Anyways, I tried an app called MONECT which does an ok job but, remote desktop crashes and no single screen with keyboard and mouse you have to switch back/forth. What I'm looking for is a good/free app that I can install onto my Win7x64...
  39. C

    Remote Desktop trouble same network different version OS

    Hi, I run windows 7 and am trying to remote desktop to another computer on my network that runs windows 8. I enabled remote connections on both computers and I still get this error: Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1) Remote access to the server...
  40. J

    Remote desktop - can I make the computer I'm connected to monitor blank?

    My local computer (at home) is XP Pro, and I'm connecting to my office computer, Win 7, with remote desktop via vpn. I don't want people at the office to be able to see what I'm doing. Is there a way to make the screen blank or locked?
  41. AGx-07_162

    Remote Desktop Performance

    I'm torn between building a new PC and getting a new Laptop. I hate the prices on the laptops for the performance I need but I love the portability. So here's my question: Assume I build a powerful PC, speced as high as possible for around $1500. I would like to know if its possible to get "at...
  42. maplenet2

    Computer to Computer Streaming

    So I am planning to build an entertainment PC with old parts in my living room and I was wondering if its possible if I can use some sort of Remote Desktop or VPN to connect to my gaming computer up stairs and stream it to the computer in the living room. The thing about Windows remote desktop...
  43. W

    Tablets as touch monitors for windows 8

    I am a musician with a custom-built live performance dual midi keyboard setup running all virtual instruments. I don't use a keyboard or mouse, as I control everything from my touchscreen. I've been using a dell laptop with a touchscreen for the last couple of years, but am now installing a...
  44. O

    Remote desktop using the client's resources?

    Is there a method to remote desktop (or an alternative) that utilizes the client's resources such as cpu, memory, etc? I have a server computer that is very slow and the client computer is much faster.
  45. exfileme

    Google Testing Packaged Version of Chrome Remote Desktop

    This standalone version looks and feels like a native desktop app. Google Testing Packaged Version of Chrome Remote Desktop : Read more
  46. C

    Seeking advice regarding Teamviewer

    This fall, I will be entering college for Computer Science, and I need a new computer. The laptop the school offers is good, but I could build a much more powerful (better for gaming) desktop for the same price, the primary difference being an NVS 5400m vs 2x 670 SLI. Would it be practical for...
  47. HarleyS79

    Virtual monitor?

    Run a second computer in a window on my desktop? No remote desktop, no switches just a second computer that runs on a virtual monitor. Any ideas?
  48. M

    Remote Desktop VS KVM Switches

    My question is more of a question of "Is it worth buying?" I would like to have multiple (min 2 possibly 4 or more) computers all built to do specific tasks (Gaming, Graphics/Animation/Video Editing, Audio/Sound Engineering, Software/hardware Testing, Computer/Network repair/management, and...
  49. C

    Remote Desktops

    If I'm using a remote desktop to connect to my gaming PC, will it use my gaming PC's hardware or will it use the hardware I have that on the laptop I'm using to connect?
  50. T

    Windows Remote Desktop

    New user here hoping to get some help. Long time IT person so no rookie to using Windows Remote Desktop. Have a strange situation going on today though. Have an XP pro machine set up to run remote desktop and receive inbound traffic from outside my firewall. Ports forwarded, firewall exceptions...
  51. P

    Problem with ANY third party remote desktop solution

    Hi So, I have a system at work that I need to access remotely, I can not use the standard remote desktop solution as it does not handle the graphical interface of some of my programs well enough (namely - 3d Studio Max), it never has, I get black viewports and program crashes everytime I use...
  52. B

    How to reserve port 3389 for remote desktop

    Hello, I have a couple 2008 servers that have a similar issue. Services are taking over port 3389 and preventing remote desktop from working correctly. I can kill the services and get remote desktop working again, but I am looking for a solution that will reserve 3389 for remote desktop only...
  53. G

    Four Remote Desktop Apps for Android

    Remote Desktop apps can keep you connected to your home or office computer anytime and anywhere, but which RD app is the best? Four Remote Desktop Apps for Android : Read more
  54. A

    Control Itunes on another PC via remote desktop?

    I was wondering what the best solution would be for controling itunes remotly from another pc. I have my library on my main desktop that is hooked up to my home theater system. I want to be able to control my desktop's itunes from my laptop so I can be anywhere in or outside and change songs...
  55. G

    What Remote Desktop program is this?

    I remember there was this remote desktop program that could not only allow you to control the client, but also show your screen to the client to do presentations and such. Whenever the program started up, a splash screen either blue or green of an eye would appear. I had forgotten the name of...
  56. Catsrules

    Is the iphone's cellular IP static or dynamic

    Does anyone know if the Iphones cellular IP is a static or a dynamic one? the reason being is I want to open up the remote desktop port on my home internet so I can remote control my home computer, and I can limit that open port to a range or a certain IP address can access them.
  57. K

    Remote desktop connection failure

    Hello. Sorry I am new to the forum and cannot find my original message that I had a reply on. I am running Windows XP Home edition and trying to connect to my Remote desktop server windows 2003. Out of the blue it quit working. I have tried everything everyone has asked me to do. The port is...
  58. B

    Remote Access (Remote Desktop)

    Just had a quick question if anyone has any info on this! What is the best (Fastest) "Remote Access / Remote Desktop" software? I have Vista Home Premium... so according to Microsoft: 1.) You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows Vista Starter, Windows...
  59. G

    TS RemoteApp for Mac

    Is there any way to run a RemoteApp from Windows 2008 Terminal Service on a Mac? I can run a remote desktop connection fine but a RemoteApp seems impossible at the moment.
  60. C

    Remote Support Application

    Hey Everyone. I am taking over for a business in IT administration, and I need some direction of where I can find a type of software application. I need to be able to administrate and help support customer's and employees via a remote desktop type program. Is there anything out there on the...