Oct 19, 2009
I am a musician with a custom-built live performance dual midi keyboard setup running all virtual instruments. I don't use a keyboard or mouse, as I control everything from my touchscreen. I've been using a dell laptop with a touchscreen for the last couple of years, but am now installing a mac mini (running windows 8--my software requires it) and planned on buying a touchscreen monitor to use with it.

I've been disappointed however at the lack of medium sized touch monitors. There's a big gap between 10" and 22"! I can't fit a 22 inch monitor, and 10" doesn't cut it. Sharp makes a 19" but it is prohibitively expensive ($700!)

But I did recently realize that a couple of 10" tablets side by side might work pretty well. And then I would have the actual tablets, which could have other uses....

But the options I've found for using them are so far pretty weak. There are a couple of android/iOS apps out there that purport to do it, but none is getting very good reviews.

I'd prefer usb over wireless, but it looks like kludging video over usb is very processor intensive. Not sure why that should be, but it looks like iDisplay is using 25% of a fairly modern cpu to run a monitor over usb. I can't afford that processor overhead. And I can't afford to have wireless cut out on me in performance.

So I'm wondering if I got a couple of windows tablets, would they be easier to interface? Seems like remote desktop is only going to get you a single monitor. And can you remote into a machine that doesn't have a monitor attached? You have to accept the invitation from the remote machine, right?

Or is there another technology that would work?

Thanks for any ideas!


Jul 10, 2008
Wont be able to answer all your questsion but can answer the remote desktop question

1.) You dont have to have a monitor or keyboard on the computer you are remoting into, and you do not have to accept the invitation. When you remote in its like logging in thru a user account as if you were on the machine, you put in your credentials then get logged in and can see that machine like you were on it.

2.) You would only be able to have one remote connection to a machine open at a time i believe so dont think you would be able to use multiple tablets this way.